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Ravensbourne College of Art - Foundation Course (1982-1983)

Croydon College of Art - HND Graphic Design (1983-1985)

Kent Institute of Art & Design - BA(Hons) 3D Design (1998-2000)

My work has been exhibited at the Royal Academy of Art Summer Exhibition (2018 & 2022), the RE: Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers Bankside Galley, London (2018, 2019 & 2022), and in various galleries and art shows across East Sussex, West Sussex and Kent.



I am a Digital Photomontage Artist, using my own digital photographs to create original digital fine art prints. I have spent many years developing my own unique style and technique, and regardless of subject matter, my work always involves multiple layers and textures.


particularly like incorporating photographs of old worn or decaying surfaces – to create something visually appealing from things that are not usually perceived as being conventionally 'beautiful’ or 'attractive’.


All the elements used in my digital prints are taken from my own photographic collection to ensure that the artwork is totally original.

What is Digital Photomontage?

Photomontage is basically a 'collage' created using photographs. I use the term 'Digital Photomontage' to describe my work as digital photography is my starting point, and all editing is done using Photoshop software on my computer. Elements taken from a variety of images are re-arranged in layers, using different levels of opacity, to create a new composition.

What is an Original Digital Print?

Digital Art prints utilize the 'Giclee' method of printing. The word 'giclee' means 'spray', and is otherwise known as an 'inkjet' print, produced on specialised high resolution computerised printing machines using archival quality inks. This method is also used for creating reproductions of original paintings, but in the case of an 'original digital print', the artwork is the print itself, which cannot be produced in any other way, and is not a 'copy' of something that already exists.

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